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Profile of Cylapex Electronic Cigarette:
Cylapex Electronic Cigarette has been in electronic cigarette field for many years and our brand Cylapex is now a popular brand of electronic cigarettes in the EU and the USA.

We have passion to advance our e-cigarette technologies continuously. This has been keeping us as one of the leading companies in electronic cigarette industry in China. Our engineers focus on researching the newest technologies in this field and produce advanced e-cigarette series like eGo series, 510 Series808D Seires especially the BEST disposable electronic cigarette. And according to years of focus researching on disposable ecigs, Cylapex disposable e-cigarettes are considered as the best in the market by many customers. With continuously research, we have produced out hot clearomizer seires like CE4, CE4 Plus, CE5, CE6, DCT Tank, Vivi Nova and etc, CE7, CE7 Plus and CE8 are on the way into market, very new and amazing products. We only use the highest quality components in any of our Cylapex electronic cigaerttes and all models are designed by our professional engineers following the principle of "fashion, elegance, durability, steadiness and safety". You can count on Cylapex to provide the most advanced electronic cigarette technologies for the coming generations.

Our Cylapex electronic cigarette have a variety of options for young men, beautiful ladies and all smokers or even non-smokers. These e-cigarettes are the best alternatives of real cigarettes. It's time to switch your smoke to vapor with our low-cost and high-quality electronic cigarettes. It's the future trend that e-cigarettes would be the best alternatives for smokers. It would be a very fashionable way of enjoying life with e-cigarettes and Cylapex is your best choice.

Quality is our priority. We pledge to make extraordinary efforts to make sure that every customer can get unprecedented quality and safe e-cigarettes. We fully know that the success of any businesses is contingent on the abilities to meet and exceed customers' expectations. We are constantly improving and working harder for you, our customers!

We have the mission of protecting people and keeping them safe, in addition to offering electronic cigarettes that are long-lasting, with no tar, no smoke, no odor, no carcinogens, no smell and no second-hand smoke. Cylapex electronic cigarettes are also good for the environment.

You can smoke almost everywhere, bars, pubs, night clubs, restaurants, casinos, hotels, airports and more. It won't hurt people you love around you and there won't be smelly clothes, yellow fingers and harmful chemicals. This is because that you're using Cylapex electronic cigarettes.

The various kinds of flavors and exceptionally high vapor volumes make Cylapex electronic cigarettes the ideal ways to upgrade your smoking experience. Cylapex electronic cigarettes look and feel even better than the cigarettes that you're used to use and they leave you smelling fresh and completely satisfied with your experience like no other e-cigarettes in the markets. The next generation of cigarette is here. If you're looking for the ultimate smoking sensation, it's time to try a Cylapex electronic cigarette.

Our service is as important as the quality of our electronic cigarettes. We have a professional and responsible QC team and an after-sales service team to make sure that all customers are 100% satisfied before and after doing business with Cylapex.

With years of experience in manufacturering and exporting electronic cigarettes worldwide, Cylapex has confidence to build long-term business relationships with all of our valued customers.

Lighten your life, change your life and enjoy your life with Cylapex.

Culture of Cylapex Electronic Cigarette: