Name: Cylapex Swig-LX got improved and 18650 compatible, can read resistance
Cylapex Swig-LX
1.Newest way of adjusting voltage
2.3.3V to 5.0V,0.1V increment
3.Unique appearance mod
4.18650 Battery compatible, can read resistance


Cylapex Swig V2 got improved and 18650 compatible, can read resistance  


Newest perfectly designed Cylapex Swig Variable Voltage, you never saw this kind of way


adjusting voltage, First in the world!


And Now Cylapex Swig V2 (Vesion 2) is now Hot Selling!



mod ecig Simple Description & Advantages:
1. Way of adjusting voltage you never saw, newest hightech designed 
2. Unlimited rotate, Variable Voltage from 3.3V to 5.0V by increment of 0.1V, easy to adjust
3. Fantastic appearance, private mould opened
4. Luxury Aluminum Alloy material for body and not so weight, very portable
5. Big LED Display shows working voltage and puffs
6. 3 clicks power on/off function
7. Self-protection function works when keep pushing button more than 10 seconds.
8. Color various, Black/Silver/Gold/Blue/Gungrey
9. Power button color changeable, indicates power remaining
   ---Green color means 70% above power remains
   ---Yellow color means 30%-70% power remains
   ---Red color means 30$ below power remains, need to charge
10. 18650 Battery (2200mAh) compatible, Strong and long-last.

11. Compatible with 510/eGo thread
12. Battery changeable and replaceable, two way of charging, use normal eGo Wall Adater

and USB charger to charge or charge the battery with a universal charger seperately, 4-5hrs charging time

13. Can read Resistance of the atomizers/clearomizers put on.



This amazing variable voltage ecig is newest designed, use the best way of adjusting the

voltage, easiest to operate, spin the knob on top of the control unit body, clockwise to

increase the working voltage, anti-clockwise to decrease the working voltage. Never got a

device that can adjust the voltage so easily, so smart , so COOL!
Higher output voltage gives more vapor, you can adjust the output voltage easily and

enjoy different good feeling for different resistance atomizers/clearomizers.


mod ecig Swig V2 improvement to Swig V1


mod ecig  Details & Specifications:
Brand: Cylapex
Model: Swig V2
Color Available: Black, Silver, Gold, Blue, Gungrey
Read Resistance: Yes

Working Voltage: 3.3V to 5.0V, 0.1V increment
Thread: 510/eGo
LED Display: Shows puffs and working voltage, and display the resistance when put the atomizer on
Battery Capacity: 18650 Battery(2200mAh)

Battery Charging Time: 4-5hrs
Battery body function: 3clicks on/off, self-protection
Packing: Zipper Case   



mod ecig operation guide:
1. 3 clicks the power button to active the device
2. Screw the Atomizer on Swig Body, resistance of the atomizer would display and last 2seconds

3. Rotate the voltage control spinner clockwise or anti-clockwise to set the suitable

voltage for vaping, from 3.3V to 5.0V by 0.1 increment
4. LED display turns off, press the power button to start vaping
5. Puffs quantity shows after stop vaping and Re-spin the Spinner
6. Quick clicking on the power button for 3times to turn off/on the device.
7. Power Button light color shows pwoer balance status:
   ---Green color means 70% above power remains
   ---Yellow color means 30%-70% power remains
   ---Red color means 30$ below power remains, need to charge
8. Keep pressing the power button more than 10seconds, the power button light flashes for

10 times, meantime, the device stop working with self-protection function. After that,

Swig comes back to work again



mod ecig Components Incl.:
1 x Swig V2 Body
2 x CE4 clearomizers (default)
2 x 18650 Battery(2200mAh/pc)
1 x Universal Charger

1 x User Manual(Eg)
1 x Zipper Case   


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mod ecig Reference Pictures:

IMG_2279 2 Spinner.jpg




Swig V2 001.jpgSwig V2 008.jpgSwig V2 016.jpgSwig V2 023.jpgSwig V2 024.jpg

 Swig V2 018.jpgSwig V2 021.jpgswig v2 040.jpgswig v2 045.jpgswig v2 046.jpg

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