Name: Cylapex Vamo V3 -- New Spiral Appearance Variable Voltage/Wattage eGo APV,can read resistance
Model Name:
Cylapex Vamo V3

Cylapex Vamo V3 --  New Spiral Appearance Variable Voltage/Wattage eGo APV,can read resistance

Cylapex Vamo V3 Description & Advantages:

1. Newest Spiral Appearance designed VV/VW APV, variable voltage(3.0V-6.0V) & variable wattage(3.0W-15.0W) in one
2. 510/eGo thread, compatible with all 510/eGo atomizers/claromizers
3. Deluxe & shining Body, with perfect system with low ohm warning, low power warning
4. Power enough, could put in 1*18650 in, 1*18350 in, or 2*18350 in.
5. Can test and show the resistance of atomizer put on it, compatible resistance: 1.5ohm-5.0ohm.
6. Display screen shows working voltage, or working wattage.
7. Easy to operate

Cylapex Vamo V3 Upgraded from V2 Version:

* New Spiral appearance, nicer and cooler looking
* LED screen display: voltage, wattage, resistance. 
* Stainless, Chrome, Black chrome are all available.
* OLED screen,for you to view

Cylapex Vamo V3 Details & Specifications:

Brand: Cylapex
Model:  Vamo V3
Main Battery Body Size:     D22mm*L135mm , could be used as mini one, take below picture for reference
Clearomizer in Kit:   CE4 clearomizer(default)
Clearomizer Capacity: 1.6ml
Battery Capacity:  2200mAh(18650)  900mAh(18350)
Battery Tube Color Available:   Stainless Steel, Chrome, Black Chorme
Working Voltage: 3.0V-6.0V, 0.1V increment variable voltage
Working Wattage: 3.0W-15.0W, 0.5W incrememt Variable Wattage
Battery Lifespan: ≥ 500 times recharging
                            ≥ 300 times recharging for mini version
Charging Time:  3-5hrs
Unit Body Packing: Gift Box
Materials:   Stainless Steel (Highest price)
                     Brass with plated Chrome, Brass with plated Black Chorme(Lowest price)


Cylapex Vamo V3 Full Kit Components Incl.:

1pcsX Main Battery Body
2pcsX CE4 Clearomizer(default)
2pcsX 900mAh 18350 Battery
1pcX Universal Wall Charger
1pcX User Manual
1pcX Gift Box / OEM Box


Cylapex Vamo V2 Control Unit Body only seperately also available
Strongly Recommend customer to purchase body only for testing, ;)
Much Cheaper than full set.

Cylapex V3 Function:

1. Max Armature Current 5A 
2. On/off Mode allows you to shut the off completely 
3. Reverse battery protection keeps circuit safe if the battery is installed backward 
4. Battery Monitoring shuts the unit off once battery has reached end of charge 
5. Thermal Monitoring shut the device off if it detects a high temperature condition 
6. Amperage limiting system protects against over current situations 
7. Time limit protection function, it will shut down with more than 10s ecah puff 
8. LCD displays "Low Resistance" if resistance lower than 1.2ohm, "Low V" if the battery need to charge 
9. when the Vamo V3 is short circuit, it will show "short". 
10. Can work with 1pc 18650 battery or 1pc 18350 or 2pcs 18350 battey (2pcs 18350 batteris)The extension battery 
cone fit 1pcs 18350 battery 

Cylapex Vamo V3 User Instruction:

1. Click the power button(the biggest one) 5 times, the light will flash, device turned on, screen shows"On" for a second;
2. Keep pressing the “-”button more than 3 secs, the LCD screen displays the battery voltage. Then reduce voltage by pressing "–"
,increase voltage by pressing “+” button. The working voltage will increase or reduce by 0.1v increment. 3.0V is the lowest, 6.0V is the highest.
3. Keep pressing the "+" button more than 3secs, LCD screen displays the present working resistance. If resistance is lower than 1.2ohm, LCD displays “LO-Ω
4. Keep pressing the "+" and "–" buttons at the same time, the LCD screen displays the working Wattage.Then you can adjust Wattage by clicking the "+" and "–" buttons. The wattage will increase or reduce by increment of 0.5W.
5. Keep Pressing the biggest button when you want to vape, self-protection function works when pressing time over 8secs.
6. 5 clicks the biggest button to turn the device off, display shows" OFF" .
7. Battery monitoring shuts the device off once battery has reached end of charge.
8. when end of charge, take out the battery, re charge with a universal charger.
9. “LO-V” displays on screen if short circuit

Cylapex Vamo V3 Reference Pictures:



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