Name: Cylapex VV-PCCP -- First e-cigarette that can be used as mobile power bank, 6600mAh VV System
Cylapex VV-PCCP
1.Variable Voltage 3.2-4.0-4.8V
2.Huge capacity 6600mah or more
3.With mobile power function, charge your phone everywhere
4.Revolution Cylapex VV-PCCP compatible with all eGo/510 atomizers/clearomizers
4.Cylapex Top quality 510 dct

Cylapex VV-PCCP -- First e-cigarette that can be used as mobile power bank, 6600mAh VV System

Cylapex VV-PCCP newest e-cigarette
 is a revolution newest designed e-cigarette product. With this amazing model of Cylapex VV-PCCP, you can charge your Iphone/Ipad or any other of your Electronics anytime anywhere, one device with more than 2 functions, enjoy vapor meantime enjoy fun of electronics. Never has device like Cylapex VV-PCCP can make life so fun and convenient!
Cylapex VV-PCCP newest e-cigarette Advantages & Features:
1. The First E-cigarette got mobile moving charging function in this market, never have a e-cigarette device that could be used as mobile moving power, can charge your electronics anytime anywhere, charge your Iphone almost 4-5times full battery.
2. Compatible with all eGo or 510 atomizer Series like CE4 CE4+ CE5 CE6 DCT Vivi Nova, Protank, LED clearomizer and etc.
3. VV system, from 3.2-4.0-4.8V, enjoy vapor whatever you like
4. Huge large power capacity, 6600mAh, which e-cigarette could reach this high power? Super long lifespan, enjoy cloud vapor
4. Colorful body available, Black, White, Green, can’t be more beautiful
5.Super shining body, deluxe appearance, sexy touch feeling, best e-cigarette device!

Cylapex VV-PCCP newest e-cigarette Specifications:
*Brand: Cylapex
*Model: VV-PCCP
*Size:  97*62*23mm
*Power Body Weight: 170g
*Battery Capacity: 6600mAh (Default)
*Compatible with: CE4 CE4+ CE5 CE6 DCT Vivi Nova, Protank, LED clearomizer and etc.

Cylapex VV-PCCP newest e-cigarette Technical Features:
1. Out Port End1 Currency—1A
2. Out port2 Currency—2A
3. 1A Output for charging 100-600mAh Mobile Phone
4. 2A Output for Ipad or Bigger Capacity Mobile Phone or products
5. 1A & 2A Port All Available for E-cigarette Atomizers/Clearomizers, Variable Voltage: 3.2V-4.0V-4.8V
Cylapxe VV-PCCP newest e-cigarette Main Function:
1. E-cigarette Vapor Function with VV system, 3.2V-4.0V-4.8V
2. Portable Power Charger for Iphone/Ipad or other mobiles and electronics.
3. Torch Flashlight function

*Function 1: E-cigarette function
A. Insert the USB-510/eGo adapter on power body out port end1 or end2
B. Screw atomizer/clearomizer on USB-510/eGo adapter thread
C. Press the button on power body and start to vape, check the button light of the USB-510/eGo adapter, blue means voltage of 3.2V. Keep pressing the power body button and one click the button on adapter, button color changes to pink, means 4.0V voltage, click one more time, button color changes to red, means 4.8V voltage. One more click, voltage gets back to 3.2V and adapter button color changes to blue. Use proper atomizers/clearomiers on different voltage please.
D. If keep pressing the power body button 10seconds, system gets into protection condition.
E. Lights on power body would be always blue color, when battery full, 4 lights on. From left to right, one/two/three/four lights on separately showing battery balance power capacity: 25%-50%-75%-100%.
NOTE for this function:
The USB-510/eGo adapter is specially designed by our engineers, can only be used on our VV-PCCP power body and work well, if put on other normal power bank USB port, the adapter would keep working without stop, and this would destroy any of your atomizer/clearomizer easily.

Regarding to self-protection function of our Cylapex VV-PCCP:
1. Short Circuit: If the atomizer's resistance too low or even 0(short circuit), the power body would shut off immediately and after 20 seconds, if you change an atomizer or the circuit comes out to be ok(no short circuit), the power body would turn on automatically;
2. Long time vaping: If you keep pressing the power body button and vape, for over 8 seconds, the USB-510/eGo Adapter would stop working immediately, loose and then re-press the power body button and it works again.


*Function 2: Charging function
A. Put away the USB-510/eGo adapter
B. Fast 1 click on power body button to change vapor function to charging function, blue led lights on body turn on
C. Connect the USB wire with out port end1(1A) or end1(2A), and choose correct little charging adapter, connecting with USB wire end, then connect the little adapter with your Iphone/Ipad or other electronics, start to charge
C. When full charged, charging process stops automatically

NOTE for this function:
Please use our little charging adapter to charge. And the USB wire in standard kit also can be used as USB charging for mobile.

*Function 3: Torch Flash Function
A. Keep pressing on power body button for more than 2seconds, flash light on.
B. Loose and keep pressing on power body button for 2seconds agan, flash light would turn off.

Cylapxe newest e-cigarette VV-PCCP Components incl.

1). 2*CE4 Clearomizers (Default)
2). 1*VV-PCCP Power Body (6600mAh default)
3). 1*USB-510/eGo adapters
4). 1*DCT Cone A Type & 1*DCT Cone B Type
5). 1*USB Wire with connectors
6). 1*Zipper Case(Black Large Size)

Cylapex VV-PCCP Pictures:

Other Info. Briefly:
Lead Time: 3days for samples, 5-15days for mass order
Shipping: Usually by DHL, 3-5days
Payment Terms: Paypal, Western Union, T/T
Samples available, OEM Welcomed!
More Info. needed for our Cylapex Products, please feel free to contact with our fluently English-Speaking sales representatives.

About Us:
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