Name: 500puffs CYL500 Disposable electronic cigarette, unique mould opened, SUPER huge vapor!!!
disposable electronic cigarette
1.CYL500 disposable electronic cigarette
2.Unique designed, SUPER huge vapor!!!
3. Pure and fresh taste
4. Over 500puffs, The best one in the world

500puffs CYL500 Disposable electronic cigarette, unique mould opened, SUPER huge vapor!!! 


Advantage s:
1. Our disposable CYL500 got unique mould opened, it's private mould, which can't find in other companies;
2. With our private mould for this model, CYL500 produces much huger vapor than competitors;
3. We use best batteries which can keep above 80% balance capacity if you put the cigarette on shelf for a whole year;
4. Top brand liquid in our CYL500, fresh taste and very comfortable throat hit;
5. Resonable prices and top service, partner support business cooperation.

We'd like to introduce you to the Cylapex CYL500 disposable electronic cigarette, the best choice for your amazing electronic cigarette experience!!

Work excellently, smooth smoking, huge vapor!
This model we name CYL500, as with all of our electronic cigarettes, is of the toppest quality. If a product doesn't meet our expectation, simply we won't recommend it strongly to customers.

CYL500 has similar outlook  with real cigarette, touch the same,feel the same, even smoke the same. we firstly research and produce this kind of mini model, but unlike other disposables available on the market today, it has really huge vapor, over 500 puffs

CYL500 specially has high ohm but produce larger vapor using our high tech, that why it lasts such long time!

Taste is everything, got this CYL500, you got everything!
Unlike other disposables available, CYL500 has awsome tasting e liquids and won't put new users off right away, it guides you to enjoy the great vapor fun, which even much better than smoking a real one.
Flavor of CYL500 could be various, enjoy different taste of life!

CYL500 itself looks really nice, what's more, customers could design sticker for its full body, make it looks much more elegant and deluxe, to fit the top performance of itself.

CYL500 has really special design at its end, the ash tip looks like a real one when it works, led light on, just like burning the real, perfect ash top design.

CYL500 is the one every single person wants to have, earlily smoke with free, no tar, no smell, no harm, ealily pocketed in, take whereever you want, smoke whenever you like.

CYL500, the most cost-effective electronic cigarette !


 disposable electronic cigarette Specifications
1. One e-cig can smoke over 500 puffs.
2. One e-cig size:        Φ9.4mm*118mm
3. One e-cig weight: 15g
4. Battery capacity: 280mAh
5. LED light has red, blue, orange, pink be chosen
6. Equivalent to:     3packs real cig
7. With CE, RoHS, FCC certification.
8. No refill, no charge, no reused, you can throw it when it is used out.
9. Different flavor and strength of cartridges can be chosen.
10. Welcome to OEM, e-cig sticker and PVC tube sticker all can be designed

One piece electronic cigarette in a round PVC clear tube.
One PVC tube with one e-cig weight: 18G
25 pieces in one display box. Or can be customized!

Operation Instruction:
1. Remove sticker and smoke as you like
2. It is in standby mode when not smoke;
3. When smoking, the LED become bright and produce smoke, press it morethan 5-6 seconds in one time, the LED lights flash 3 times consecutively, then power off, do stop smoking.
4. It will start the Low voltage alarm function when the battery voltage lower than 3.2V, the LED light will flash 2 times consecutively to remind customers that the battery is empty. 


Cylapex Disposable Ecigs FAQ

CYL500 disposable electronic cigarette Pictures:

Other Info. Briefly:
Lead Time: 3days for samples, 5-15days for mass order
Shipping: Usually by DHL, 3-5days
Payment Terms: Paypal, Western Union, T/T
Samples available, OEM Welcomed!
More Info. needed for our DCT or Cylapex, please feel free to contact with our fluently English-Speaking sales representatives.

About Us:
Cylapex has cooperated very well with many customers from US and Euro and other regions.
We have confident to provide same super good service and support to many more retailers
or distributors and even terminal consumers worldwide.

If any electronic cigarettes and accessories requirements, plz kindly turn to Cylapex for help.