Name: Cylapex DPKing -- 1000puffs Disposable Cylapex DPKing Long-last and huve vapor pure taste
Model Name:
Cylapex DPKing

Cylapex DPKing -- 1000puffs Disposable Cylapex DPKing  Long-last and huve vapor pure taste 


This is the King of disposable ecigs, we call it Cylapex DPKing. 
It's such a special and amazing disposable ecig that it's a cone shaped style and the Cylapex DPKing produces hugest vapor that you never seen from other regular disposable style. Cylapex makes a miracle that vapers could enjoy a disposable style ecigs with such a HUGE vapor!

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1. It's a Cone Shaped Disposable e Cigarette that you never seen before.
2. Totally and perfectly improved different structure from regular style
3. The smoothest airflow that you never met before when vape
4. It's most amazing point is that it produces wonderful huge vapor, hugest one  among all disposable ecigs that you vaped
5. It keeps really pure taste
6. 400mAh battery, vape for 1000 puffs 
7. 14 different colors label



1.One  e-cig can smoke over 1000 puffs
2.One  e-cig ecig shape : cone shape style
3. One e-cig weight: 30g
4. Battery capacity:  400mAh
5. Color: Grape flavor label
6. Chargeable:    No
7. With CE, RoHS, FCC certification.
8. No refill, no charge, no reused, you can throw it when it is used out.
9. Different flavor and strength can be chosen.
10. Welcome to OEM, e-cigar sticker and can be designed by yourself


Each piece of Cylapex DPKing in a round PVC clear tube
One PVC tube with one Cylapex DPKing ecig weight :30g 
14 pieces in one display box, Or can be customized 



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Other Info. Briefly:
Lead Time: 3days for samples, 5-15days for mass order
Shipping: Usually by DHL, 3-5days
Payment Terms: Paypal, Western Union, T/T
Samples available, OEM Welcomed!
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