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1. What is Cylapex Electronic Cigarette?
Cylapex Electronic Cigarette is brand name of CYL TECH CO., LTD, which researches and produces e-cigarette(usually composed by an atomizer, battery and cartridge). Compared with traditional cigarettes, Cylapex Electronic Cigarette does not contain tar, hydrocyanic and other harmful substances, which is much healthier and a good alternative for smoking. It’s also a fashion product for young people over legal age.
2. Is Cylapex Electronic Cigarette cheaper than traditional cigarettes?
After your initial investment of the Cylapex Electronic Cigarette starter kit, you will notice massive savings of up to 50-80 percent. A single Cylapex cartridge is equivalent to a pack of 20 cigarettes but less than half of the price of one pack of traditional cigarette. Cylapex Electronic Cigarette is the best alternative for smoking, which actually is vaping.
3. Could I use Cylapex Electronic Cigarette anywhere?
Not like traditional cigarettes, Cylapex Electronic Cigarette could be used almost anywhere, especially some places where forbids traditional cigarettes like airport, bar, hospital, meeting room, office and etc, it’s no harm to people, so forbidding rules on traditional cigarettes won’t work on Cylapex Electronic Cigarettes. No first or second hand smoke, no tar no ash no flame.
4. How to buy Cylapex Electronic Cigarette?
Our website got contact info. of our overseas sales, we could help all customers to place order. Sending E-mail or Chatting online will work. Usually the process is: Viewing the products you’re interested in, decide the Qty of each you want to purchase, send the order list to our sales, we calculate the cheapest shipping cost and tell the total cost by making PI, you make the payment and our factory gets your order prepared. Then order dispatched and you wait for arrival.
5. What Payment Terms does Cylapex Electronic Cigarette accept?
Paypal or Western Union accepted for order of total amount less than 1000$.
T/T or Western Union accepted for mass order of total amount over 1000$.
6. What delivery options does Cylapex Electronic Cigarette offer?
DHL: 5-7 days to most of countries, cheapest and safest way.
EMS: 7-15days, safe for some countries like Canada.
Others like Air express and etc also available.
We have very well cooperated forwarder who got much shipping cost discount. And our sales would do best to save shipping cost for any customer as well.
7. Warranty of Cylapex Electronic Cigarette?
We provide 5-star after-sale service as well, all products purchased from Cylapex got 1year warranty. Free compensation or replacement service would be nicely offered.
8. Do Cylapex Electronic Cigarette products meet CE/RoHS requirements?
Yes, our products all CE/RoHS approved. Please ask for certificates from our sales if needed.
9. Could I put my logo on Cylapex Electronic Cigarette and do my own packing?
Yes, Cylapex Electronic Cigarette warmly welcomes your OEM requirements. We got professional team working on this, and lots of our customers asked for this service as well. We have plenty of examples of very successful cases for OEM, and your OEM order would be take cared 100% well. Welcome your OEM requirements and long-term business.
10. Does Cylapex Electronic Cigarette contains nicotine?
Nicotine in electronic cigarette is normal, but customers also can choose no nicotine flavor to use on e-cigarette products. So this is your choice to use or not. Nicotine content usually got below strength levels: 0mg(Zero), 6mg(Low), 11mg(medium), 16mg(medium), 24mg(high), 36mg(X high)
11. Does everybody can use Cylaepx Electronic Cigarette?
Because some of the products got easily-addicted nicotine inside, pregnant women or young people not over the legal age in your state. Cylapex Electronic Cigarette does not intend to diagnose, treat or mitigate any desease or condition.  
12. What flavors does Cylapex Electronic Cigarette provide?
We stock brand e liquid, and over 200 different kinds of flavors available included Classic Tobacco flavor, Menthol Freeze flavor, and Fruit Fancy flavor. All these flavors got nicotine or no-nicotine choice, from 0-low-medium-high-xhigh. You would find the fantastic advantages of Cylapex Electronic Cigarette over traditional cigarettes by enjoying so many different flavors and strengths.
13. What cartridges/refills does Cylapex Electronic Cigarette provide?
V9, 510, KR808D, Tank cartridge are all available from Cylapex. These cartridges/refills can have flavors whatever you like. Each of them high quality and huge vapor fresh taste comfortable throat hit, your best choice for your current devices.
14. What accessories does Cylapex Electronic Cigarette offer?
Batteries, atomizers, cartomizers, tanks, cartridges, chargers, zipper case, lanyard, e liquid empty bottles, cones, drip tips, connectors and etc.