Cylapex Vapower 6600mAh VV/VW Mod Can Read Resistance
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Cylapex Vapower 6600mAh VV/VW Mod Can Read Resistance


Cylapex Vapower - Order Now Large Quantity in Stock So HOT!

Descriptions and Features:

* More powerful than Itaste MVP, 6600mAh!
* No button on the USB-510/eGo Adapter anymore, much more solid and reliable
Variable Voltage 3.0V to 5.0V, 0.1V increment
Variable Wattage 5.0W to 10.0W, 0.5W increment
* Can read resistance, displaying on the screen
* Screen shows power balance
* Self-protection function
* Power bank station
* Can Vape and Charge your other devices(Iphone/Ipad) at the same time!
* Wonderful touch feeling
* Nice touch feeling with built-in "P" "V" buttons



Battery Capacity:  6600mAh
Charging while vaping:  YES
Color Available:  Black And Silver firstly be launched, Luxury Gold and Blue one would be available later on.
Cylapex Vapower Body Size:  104*60*23.5mm

Package Includes:
1×Cylapex Vapower Body
1×USB-510/eGo Adapter
1×Decrotive Cone Type A
1×Decrotive Cone Type B
1×CV4 Clearomizer(New BDC Specially designed for Cylapex Vapower)
1×Multifunction USB Charger
1×User Manual
1×Gift Case

Details of Main Features:
Variable Voltage:
Voltage can be adjusted from 3.0-5.0V with 0.1V increments.
Variable Wattage:
Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0-10.0W with 0.5W increments.
Ohms Meter:
Reads resistance of your atomizers/cartomizers/clearomizers.
Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection:
Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection protects the Cylapex Vapower against shorted atomizer.
Over-Discharge Protection:
The Cylapex Vapower monitors the battery voltage and will automatically turn off when the battery is over-discharged.
BatteryLevel Indicator:
The Cylapex Vapower battery capacity is displayed via Arabic numbers on screen
“36” displayed on screen means 36% battery balance left, displays how much exactly the battery balance is.
Large Battery Capacity:
Cylapex Vapower e-cigarette built-in 6600 mAh high quality Li-ion rechargeable battery.
High Compatibility 510 Connector:
Thread compatible with all 510 series Atomizers/Cartomizers/Clearomizers.
ON/OFF Battery Switch:
Quickly clicking the power button three times will enable or disable the battery. Once enabled, holding down the button will activate the battery.
This safety feature prevents the atomizer from turning on while it's in your pocket or bag and it prevents any settings from getting changed without your knowing.
10 Second Cut Off:
If the button is held down for 10 seconds or longer, the Cylapex Vapower will shut itself off untill the button is released and pressed again.
Remembers Last set Voltage or Wattage:
Remembers last set voltage or wattage when the battery is turned off and then back on.
Remembers ohms of last atomizers/cartomizers/clearmizers
Remembers last ohm and keeps displaying it for 3 seconds after pressing the “P” and “V” button simultaneously, current ohms displays after 3 seconds.
Built-in 3 Digit Display:
Digital display shows ohms, Voltage/Wattage setting, battery balance
Portable Power Source for Electronic Products as a Power Bank:
Connects Cylapex Vapower with your electronic products by using the charging cable come with this unit. (One end is for USB OUTPUT(for charge only)port(DC 5V, maximum output current 1A) the other end is the 3 most popular power connectors for iphone4/Iphon5(5S)/Micro USB(Motorola/Nokia/LG/Samsung etc). Or use your own charging cable to connect it with your device and charge.
There are three main buttons on the Cylapex Vapower: “Power” button, “P”button and “V”button; all the functions can be activated by using these three buttons to change settings in a single step, without the use of a menu system. Your chose mode will be displayed on the digital screen.
NO.                   function description
1   CV4 Clearomizer
2   ON/OFF power button
3   “P”button: VW(Variable Wattage)
4   “V”button: VV(Variable Voltage)
5   “For charge only” Port: Portable power source for electronic products
6   “For vape only” Port: Connecting with atomizers/cartomizers/clearomizers
7   Input: Recharge Cylapex Vapower with a standard USB Micro cable plug
Quickly clicking the “Power” button three times will enable or disable the battery.
Power Balance Indicator:
Once device enabled, the digital screen shows the battery level firstly, “36” means 36% power balance left. Then keeping pressing the button will activate the battery.
Variable Voltage Mode:
Turn on the Cylapex Vapower. Press the “V” button for 3 seconds to enter variable voltage mode. The screen will show you last setting of voltage. Showing “U3.8” means current working voltage is 3.8V. Voltage can be adjusted from 3.0V to 5.0V in 0.1V increments by clicking the “V” button.
Variable Wattage Mode:
If VV Mode is on, just click the “P” button to directly enter variable wattage mode. If not, turn on the Cylapex Vapower, and press the “P” button for 3 seconds to enter variable wattage mode. By both ways, the screen will show you last setting of wattage. Showing “P6.5” means current working wattage is 6.5W. Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0W to 10.0W in 0.5W increments by clicking the “P” button.
Ohms Meter:
Once device enabled, keeping pressing both the “P” and “V” buttons simultaneously. The screen will keep showing resistance of last load firstly for 3 seconds, then resistance of current load would be read and showed. Releasing buttons to get back to last set mode. If no load put on, the display shows “non”.
Vaping and Power Source work simultaneously
Connect the charging wire of other electronic products, USB end put into the “For charge only” port, the other end of the charging wire connects with the electronic products that you want to charge, once connected, charging starts, no buttons need to be pressed. And the digital screen displays battery level by numbers like 85, which means 85% battery balance left. Vaping and power bank functions could work at the same time.
Please do NOT connect the atomizers/cartomizers/clearomizers with the port “For charge only”, or it won’t work. Cylapex would not be responsible for warranty by abusing this product.
When the power balance is low, please charge the Cylapex Vapower in time.
Recharge Cylapex Vapower with a standard USB Micro cable plug.
Plug the USB Micro end into Cylapex Vapower's input and plug the other end into a power source.
Recharging starts, the digital screen will show the blinking numbers, and the numbers would increase step by step, till the Cylapex Vapower is fully charged.
After the Cylapex Vapower is fully charged, the blinking numbers digital display disppears. Nothing shows on the screen, which means the Cylapex Vapower is fully charged. Enjoy it.

Cylapex Vapower Reference Pictures:
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Other Info. Briefly:
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Samples available, OEM Welcomed!
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